Use code: NUDESOLE for $5 off each pair. Free shipping on all US orders!


When will I receive my pre-order shoes? Your shoes will arrive in 5-9 weeks. Our goal is to have your shoes arrive to you as quickly as possible. To thank you for supporting and purchasing during the pre-order launch we offer you $5 off per pair, plus free shipping and handling on US orders.

Will you offer returns and exchanges?
Yes, we offer returns. Please read our full return policy here.

Will you carry wide widths?
It is our goal to offer wide sizes on all styles in the near future. We are working on the collection now.

Will you offer more styles?
As this is only our initial product launch, more styles will be offered in the future.

Will you ship worldwide?
Yes, we will ship worldwide. We are currently working towards making world wide shipping available. If you sign up on our email, list we will notify you when it becomes available.

What if I am unsure about my shade?
Send us an email with a picture. We will be able to recommend a color for you.